15 bad days that were best forgotten

Some days stay with us for life, particulary if they involve a mishap or nasty surprise. We start off on the right footing and then suddenly the day turns into a fiasco.

All we can do is pick up the pieces and make the best of a bad situation. We try to be optimistic, but it's often easier said than done. One thing's for sure - you're not alone and here's a selection of people who snapped and shared their misery...

1. When the water tank bursts and freezes

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2. At least the cat's happy

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3. "Look what I can do..."

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4. What he wanted, what he got and what he then did

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5. Panoramic mode - at least it's funny not upsetting!

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6. The perils of ordering a shirt with your photo on it

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7. When you arrive at the dumpster

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8. She did kinda ask for this...

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9. Once upon a time this was a vase

10. What they ordered vs what they got

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11. When you drop your favorite pot of body cream

12. Dog vs model helicopter

13. When a horse fancies a nibble

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14. Giant sushi...

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15. So much for enjoying a snack

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