15 creative ideas from genius designers

Designers hold the key to happiness in their hands through their designs. These photos show off some of their best creations.

Designing public spaces and everyday products gives designers an opportunity to use their awesome ingenuity. Although the main goal is ensuring their creations are efficient, a more aesthetic and practical side makes all the difference.

Here are 15 photos highlighting some of the best creations done by designers.

1. A bench in a library in Egypt

© Gallow**** / Reddit

2. A practical plastic bag to carry pizza

© Getresva / Reddit

3. A sign to warn people to watch for bicycles, but that also sends an important message.

© henr_u / Reddit

4. Stairs to help ducks get out of the lake to go for a walk

© Dom_wpc / Reddit

5. A table that looks like a bird

© ViddyDoodah / Reddit 

6. An indoor office that makes you feel like you're outside. 

© Lolagurl / Reddit

7. A chessboard designed for blind people

© a9raag / Reddit

8. A sign that is made to be read through its reflection in the water

© halfchance100 / Reddit

9. A different design for decaffeinated

© Thine_Sloth / Reddit

10. A microwave with a mute option

© blr0067 / Reddit

11. This would appear to be a bakery.

© Rainbow_Aura / Reddit

12. A staircase that looks like something out of Super Mario

© squid50s / Reddit

13. A public restroom with some pretty stylish mirrors

© nerosangbruh / Reddit

14. A table with a solar panel as a sunshade that doubles as a charger for the ports at its base

© gatheryourmagic / Reddit

15. A salt and pepper shaker who seem to be in the middle of a discussion

© Hakusi_Katei / Twitter, © Hakusi_Katei / Twitter