15 dubious tactics used by companies to sell their products

Brands have finely-tuned marketing departments and advertising agencies to help them sell their wares. These photos illustrate what most departments and agencies do.

In order to encourage consumers to buy their productsmanufacturers use some pretty underhand methods. They make us believe that we will get value for our money, and it's only when we remove the packaging that the reality hits us. Experiences that we all go through on a daily basis.

Here are 15 photos that illustrate some of the dodgier sales tactics used by companies.

1. The "strawberry jelly" is in fact just a colored container

© St-Paerikus / Reddit

2. XXL pack but with the same amount of chips as a regular one

© SHTNZl / Pikabu

3. When vegetables are sold by the weight, most of which is leaves

© WickedContendah / Reddit

4. Photo vs reality

© ZhudoBender / Pikabu

5. A giant box for a few small chocolates

© exmasta / Pikabu

6. Another way to reduce the amount of chocolates

© thecrimson66 / Reddit

7. This one's even worse!!!

© K_Agm / Reddit

8. Lower quantity, but the same price

© marcosalbergue123 / Reddit

9. Not a "Western Delight"

© Radflagindicator / Reddit

10. When the jelly's missing

© liamaugustine / Reddit

11. This is how consumers are tempted to buy

© Tazik004 / Reddit

12. Missing the filling

© L0NGDONG / Reddit

13. Making you think there are 2 cameras

© OmgOmgReally / Reddit

14. Same size, different product quantity

© rdstrmfblynch79 / Reddit

15. Only the visible ones are glazed!

© c2c4a / Reddit