15 funny photos of dads who were slightly overwhelmed by their kids

Becoming a dad is a wonderful thing. Watching their baby being born and then grow up is a dream come true. It's also a moment when responsibility takes hold, and there's no greater life-changing event than when your child is born.

But that doesn't mean parents' characters will change, and all dads (like moms!) will have moments when it can get a bit out of hand! Moms often worry when they first leave their child alone with their dad and may come home to find total chaos awaits them! As proved by the following hilarious situations!

1. An alternative mouse pad

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2. A giant kiwi

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3. When you Photoshop your baby

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4. Foot in Mouth disease?

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5. Oh boy, this dad is going to be in so much trouble

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6. The perils of bubble baths

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7. A true sign of a loving dad

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8. Always keep an eye on your baby

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9. A balancing act

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10. No more Sunday lie-ins!

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11. Now try taking it off!

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12. When you haven't slept for 3 nights

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13. And he still managed to fall asleep

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14. A blow-up child?

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15. Keeping his cool...

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