15 futuristic designs from Japan

Japan is famous not only for its fascinating history, but also its technological prowess. Here's a small selection of designs that caught our eye.

Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun, a country with a fascinating culture and the birthplace of numerous technological advances. This includes more mundane inventions that also deserve a look.

Here are 15 photos of some of the coolest Japanese designs.

1. Fake bird poop to discourage thieves from stealing your bike

© makuake.com

2. Meals served on "smartphone case" plates

© japantrendshop.com

3. A fire truck that contains a smaller one to access hard-to-reach places

© sixpigeons / Reddit

4. Can't have a cat? Then buy a cat robot!

© store.qoobo.info

5. How to maximise available space

© hapacan / Reddit

6. Easier than going around the building

© ignis / Wikimedia Commons

7. A secure playpen

© makuake_official / Instagram

8. To ensure a snug fit

© japantrendshop.com

9. A giant gorilla cushion complete with pockets

© japantrendshop.com

10. Public restroom doors that turn opaque when the cubicle's occupied

© Tyrone39 / Reddit

11. Warm water is sprayed to stop sidewalks icing over

© TheWolvis / Reddit

12. No need for elevators

© zanderclause / imgur

13. Intellectual restrooms!

© FoxyLoxyMoxy / imgur

14. We love this pillow idea

© japantrendshop.com

15. This robot dates back to the 80s - proof that Japan was already well ahead of the game!

© lachlangor / imgur