15 gift wrapping jobs that weren’t what they seemed

Everyone loves gifts. Some people have found ways to make them even more of a surprise by wrapping gifts to look like something else – like in the photos below.

A gift wrapped in a perfectly square or rectangular shape doesn’t give anything away about what’s inside. It’s obviously something that will have to be opened to reveal what’s inside. But if you get a gift that’s wrapped to perfectly match the shape of what it is, there’s no surprises. Unless you go the extra mile and make it even more of a surprise!

Here are 15 photos of wrapped gifts that have that little extra something.

1. When you aren’t a handyman, chocolate is obviously the gift you need.

© Battelalon / Reddit

2. This grandma decorates her own wrapping paper.

© Hammar_Morty / Reddit

3. His sister is actually getting a pretty necklace…

© Trees_and_bees_plees / Reddit

4. This guy decided to be creative with his wrapping – using different countries’ flags!

© Roundman85 / Reddit

5. If there really is a dog inside, we hope it lasts until Christmas.

© r0ssr0ss / Reddit

6. A tool set for his handyman brother

© GreyPaper / Reddit

7. These brothers compete every year for the most difficult gift to unwrap.

© Jordanc369 / Reddit

8. These old maps had a great new use!

© ihavewhatyouneed / Reddit

9. This is the perfect way to wrap some concert tickets!

© TIBF / Reddit

10. Wrapping and recycling at the same time

© JeffTheLizard2K15 / Reddit

11. How this guy wrapped a gift for his girlfriend’s parents

© suburbangenius / Reddit

12. He wraps his last gift by combining the leftovers from all the other gifts.

© Beegsays / Reddit

13. Specially wrapped gifts for this guy’s mom…

© tinitrinity / Reddit

14. Whoever was expecting a lamp and a chair will actually get a bottle of perfume and a sweater!

© mowa111 / Reddit

15. Well, he almost got it.

© ratrodder49 / Reddit