15 old objects that are worth a fortune today

Lots of people have vintage items lurking in their attics that are actually worth a fortune today.

Maybe you've rummaged through your grandparents' closets, and come across what were everyday items back in the day, but which would nowadays be auctioned off for a sky-high price.

Here are 15 photos of run-of-the-mill objects that are considered treasures today!

1. Pyrex dishes from 1948 that are now worth at least $100

© swearingino / reddit

2. A newspaper from July 20, 1969 announcing that Apollo 11 had landed on the Moon!

© captaincook- / reddit

3. A Nintendo 64 console and games that are now worth around $1,000

© bagheadblox / reddit

4. Old Doxa pocket watches are often sold for more than $300

© darkholo / reddit

5. This 1950 Vogue Pattern is worth more than a designer dress!

© imagnepeace4all / imgur

6. A vintage Gibson Melody valued at $1,500

© SoughCyrup / reddit

7. Imagine the value... a signed Beatles photo from the 60's

© cameronphan / reddit

8. Back then they were heavy and took up a lot of space. Today these radios are worth a fortune!

© Juriaan_b_b / reddit

9. We bet they're glad they didn't throw away these valuable 'vintage' disposable razor blades

© nicole_ethereal / reddit

10. Vintage Barbie dolls are much sought-after by collectors!

© junkremovalguy / reddit

11. Same goes for early skateboards

© cwc181 / reddit

12. They're worth a lot and often still work just as well

© sunlit_cairn / reddit

13. A complete vintage Monopoly game

© pr0pane / imgur

14. Some manual typewriters are worth several hundred dollars

© Nowhereman123 / reddit

15. Vintage military uniforms sell for surprisingly high prices!

© TreasureTrolls / reddit