15 people who snapped and shared the moment their day went downhill

From minor glitches to migraine-inducing problems, we never know what life has in store, and the following could happen to any of us (if it hasn't already!).

Sometimes misfortunes need no words, a single photo says it all. Just seeing the glitch is enough to gain our sympathy and understanding. 

From annoying, to shocking or funny, here are 15 people who decided to snap and share their moment of misery.

1. She's devastated, her mom thinks it's hilarious

© timeless-clock / Reddit

2. When you get back to your car, and it stinks. Yes, you forgot to put the trash in the container that morning.

© kuma1206 / Twitter

3. On the morning they were running late

© Mike187771 / Reddit

4. Grab as much as you can

© -Vink- / Reddit

5. That "nope" moment

© shimish40305292 / Twitter

6. He couldn't figure out how to turn around or jump down

© Red_FiveStandingBy / Reddit

7. Because knocking over the packet of flour and rolling in it is so much fun

© ntknz_883 / Twitter

8. Just what you need first thing in the morning

© CANT_TRUST_H***Y / Reddit

9. He spilled his coffee all over a drawing his son gave him

© issui / Twitter

10. Yeah, he put on 2 left shoes

© useless_kay / Twitter

11. The split bag moment

© kiklepoika / Reddit

12. Someone, somewhere is looking for this

© unknown author / Reddit

13. At least it's water, not their purse

© HEISEI_love_bot / Twitter

14. Who takes bites out of butter?

© ravens_r*enge / Reddit

15. When you inadvertently help everyone behind you

© Character-Ad4440 / Reddit