15 people who snapped and shared their vacation misery

Most of us have had a nasty surprise when on vacation, and the following selection is just the tip of the iceberg.

When we go on vacation, we expect things to run smoothly, so we can relax and enjoy our well-earned downtime. But sometimes Lady Luck is not on our side, and like the travelers below we find ourselves faced with a vacation-destroying mishap.

Here are 15 photos of some of the more unpleasant things that can happen on vacation.

1. The first and last time they ordered room service

© Extro_Vert / Reddit

2. If only scissors were allowed on planes...

© DbleDble / Reddit

3. This dog rolled in rotting fish carcasses and smell wouldn't go away

© 13k0d33ts / Reddit

4. After getting off a long-haul flight he treated himself to a "delicious" cheeseburger

© Ohaithair / Reddit

5. They hiked for miles to see this view...

© JShiner / Reddit

6. When you arrive at your destination, find a parking space and then wake up to a smashed windscreen

© zordie360 / Reddit

7. The moment they realized they forgot to pack their earphones

© mystery5090 / Reddit

8. When you discover that mice have made a hole in the Zodiac you hired

© NotUrAverageLid / Reddit

9. They chose this hotel for the indoor plunge pool

© Johnoplata / Reddit

10. They paid extra for a mini-fridge in their room

© MeddlingMike / Reddit

11. This was the welcome they received...

© TheMostLegendary / Reddit

12. She booked a window seat

© Zadsta / Reddit

13. They arrived at the campsite only to find their cabin had burned down

© HowMuchDidIDrink / Reddit

14. Another foggy panoramic view

© kwisssy / Reddit

15. When it's a long-haul flight and there's no headrest

© atlantisocean1 / Reddit