15 people who were born to be unique

Every human being is born with distinctive signs or special traits that set them apart from others and make them unique. For some, these differences go further.

Some births are more exceptional than others. There are things that make them unique. Here are some pictures of people who are (a little) out of the ordinary.

1. Yao Ming next to a lady who is 4’11”.

© ZOlDBERG / Reddit  

2. This baby has a heart-shaped birthmark.

© Gurjen / Reddit  

3. When a guy of this stature shows up at the counter, people notice.

© thedutchgiant / Instagram  

4. Each eye is a different color

© samanthakaydean / Reddit  

5. A baby with vitiligo

6. This girl has a gap in her eyebrow, and apparently it’s hereditary.

© zoeck014 / Reddit  

7. Same age but not the same size…

© elleynads / Reddit  

8. A baby with male pattern baldness?

© pangitlee / Reddit  

9. She has 6 fingers on each hand.

© Designer_Drugz / Reddit  

10. Two moles that look like a piercing

© szlfr / Reddit  

11. This lady is both blonde and brunette, perfectly divided

© Mother_of_Bambi / Reddit  

12. A little girl born with a French manicure

© mozzzzyyy / Reddit  

13. A cheerful smile

14. With a full head of hair, this baby looks like a grown man.

© Double_Cross_Gender / Reddit  

15. Nyakim Gatwech is a model with very dark skin.

16. She has vitiligo on half of her face.

17. You can either enjoy donuts or measure yourself with them. This guy is 27 donuts tall.

© vernetroyer / Reddit  

18. Some babies are born with lush eyelashes!