15 people who were duped by promises on packaging

Hands up if you've ever opened a packet only to be shocked by the product inside? Frustrating, isn't it?

Manufacturers are renowned for presenting photos of perfect products on their packaging while the contents leave a helluva lot to be desired - much to the disappointment of anyone who has just spent their hard-earned cash. It's one of the banes of modern marketing, and here are 15 photos that perfectly illustrate the point.

1. Oreo ice cream without a single piece of Oreo

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2. One seriously disappointed kid

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3. How would you feel?

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4. Crunch-coated...

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5. One dried blueberry

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6. Spot the chocolate

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7. This is unforgiveable

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8. What they ordered vs what they got

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9. When your pack of Skittles only has one flavor

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10. What is it with this lack of chocolate chips?


11. The long, meaty strip of bacon was on the top

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12. At least the vase is the same as the ad

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13. What were we saying about chocolate chips?

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14. Winter isn't coming...

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15. Poor Santa

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