15 photos that are hard to understand

Logic is not in some people’s vocabulary. However, we could have all the logic in the world, but it wouldn’t matter when we saw things that are complicated or ones we can’t decipher.

This is the case with the set of photos below. A simple explanation isn’t enough, because there’s no logic to them. See if you can figure them out!

1. Is this a magic trick?

© sparrow1889/imgur  

2. Empty the pond to see more?

© sillyspookysarah/reddit

3. Paper shoes? What happens when it rains?

© maxcaliburx/reddit  

4. These hangers show how many likes each item has gotten online!

© beep41/reddit  

5. Is that Albert Einstein, next to Waldo's arm?

© Albertcore/reddit  

6. Doesn’t it make you want to visit Iceland?

© unknown/imgur  

7. This bouquet is pretty, but is that cabbage in it?

© sharts_and_gargles/reddit  

8. When you live in the city and can’t get enough green space!

© Szmanda44/reddit  

9. This police car is in real trouble!

© RPBot/reddit  

10. Magic happens!

© NoahBurghardt/imgur 

11. Snoopy's real face!

© jina100/reddit  

12. Your choice of green or red grapes on the same vine

© unknown/imgur  

13. An extra one, just in case…

© TheCouncilofRicks/imgur  

14. Now everyone is looking for him, thanks to a photo shoot he did!

© unknown/reddit 

15. Excellent planning!

© notactuallybald/reddit