15 photos that define the word "fail"

We all mess up at some point, but to totally fail is another matter. These photos are just the tip of the iceberg.

When someone is paid to perform a task and gets it wrong, the consequences of their mistake can vary enormously. In the following cases, the fails are so bad, they're an insult to our intelligence.

Here are 15 photos that define the word "fail".

1. When the manufacturer doesn't check machine settings

© declancochran / Reddit

2. Maybe No.4 is a special apartment?

© honny78 / Reddit

3. The day they tried a new stylist

© MoonSearcher / Reddit

4. Irritatingly bad

© jkonka / Reddit

5. How to confuse residents, visitors, delivery personnel...

© rudolphrednose25 / Reddit

6. When you order a pepperoni pizza, it doesn't mean miss out the tomato and cheese

© CongressmanCoolRick / Reddit

7. "Missing something?" "Yes, the headphones that were supposed to be in this box!"

© LareeKrause / Reddit

8. Top level security

© MatSonic99 / Reddit

9. This was sent by an optician!!!

© 1of9Heathens / Reddit

10. How not to keep a classroom cool

© adjectivepig1996 / Reddit

11. Perfectionists look away now!

© quinntoye / Reddit

12. This has to be a joke?

© bolshoyb***e / Reddit

13. Because in 2021 we all have VCRs

© Yashkamr / Reddit

14. So near and yet so far

© solarqueue / Reddit

15. She's having a bad day...

© firstjobwalmart / Reddit