15 photos of dogs who think they’re cats

Sometimes dogs do things that most of us would consider strange. You’ll see some examples in the photos below.

When the owners of these dogs adopted them, they were surprised at how funny their pets were. Each of them turned out to have their own unique personality that makes their owners laugh.

Here are 15 photos of dogs that will make you laugh.

1. He’s definitely one of the cats.

© Sola*sh*le / Reddit

2. This dog was raised by the cats of the house.

© MySoleM8isACat / Reddit

3. The cat has had a big influence on the dog, who’s starting to act like a cat.

© SquarishWheel / Reddit

4. Here’s a dog with some strange leg positions.

© Mmmelanie / Reddit

5. He likes to touch his master from a distance.

© muidawg / Reddit

6. He can't tell the difference.

© emiksoid / Reddit

7. This position seems so nice to him that he spends his afternoons like this…

© Er**ic_FriendFiction / Reddit

8. A very skilled dog…

© jayblink182 / Reddit

9. One of the behaviors that reminds you of a cat

© rox-it / Reddit

10. The passion for cardboard boxes isn’t only reserved for cats.

© AdhesiveMessage / Reddit

11. He only wants to sleep up high.

© kfelt18 / Reddit

12. Because this is a normal situation, right?

© bdoucet92 / Reddit

13. This is how she asks for treats…

© robopain / Reddit

14. Discretion isn’t his strong suit.

© Illsiador / Reddit

15. The sofa is overrun with dogs…

© HotWa5a61 / Reddit