15 photos showing the overwhelming heat of summer

The natural heat of the sun hitting your face and making you incredibly happy. Does that speak to you? Oh yes, beautiful days are finally on their way!

The heat is so good for us, allowing us to go out in t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, etc. It lets us put all our coats away in the closet. And we bring it to you here in pictures.

1. When a giant ice cream melts...

© dashaMoscow / imgur  

2. Some traffic lights melting in the heat

© unknown / imgur  

3. Sometimes it gets so hot in Australia that the asphalt sticks to your tires.

© RedCar50 / reddit  

4. And in some countries, the tires melt too...

© Aquagenie / reddit  

5. In Australia, there’s no need for a stove. 3 hours in the sun and your eggs are done.

© nattynitro / imgur  

6. A wall melting in Arizona...

© KrootzyTV / reddit  

7. Better not eat these eggs that absorbed some ink from all the heat!

© 1nshed / reddit  

8. This is an air freshener... and it does much better in cooler weather!

© cleavercutthroat / reddit  

9. “My dog’s ??dreaming of winter...”

© n1teowl / imgur  

10. At this point, you might as well go and live in Canada!

© filmmakingoncrack / imgur  

11. Kittens taking a nap during a heat wave

© mertats / reddit 

12. Gloves aren’t just for the oven!

© GuacamoleFanatic / reddit  

13. Even blinds suffer under the Vegas sun...

© unknown / imgur  

14. So you were hiding here all this time?

© Wubalubadubdub7 / imgur  

15. A disproportionate hat? Not really!

© Paradice_City / reddit