15 photos of strange situations caught on camera

We've all had moments when we've stumbled upon a weird sight and the following selection has taken social networks by storm.

Whether it's a geological phenomenon, a mutant fruit or a chemical reaction, we can't help but be impressed by what we see. The great thing about technology is we can share our curious finds with the rest of the world.

Here are 15 photos of phenomena guaranteed to spark your curiosity.

1. A lemon straight out of Ghostbusters

© kutie_the_cutie / Reddit

2. A delicate pattern left by ice on a barbecue

© RSL1234567 / Reddit

3. When a glass falls in love with a keyboard

© potatinatoor / Reddit

4. The remains of a child's footsteps

© nerm13 / Reddit

5. When two lightbulbs burn out - why is one black and one white?

© YetiPie / Reddit

6. After cleaning copper with salt and vinegar, crystals formed on this cloth

© alleygator1290 / Reddit

7. An Ancient Greek coin that's over 2,000 years old

© AustinShagwell / Reddit

8. An electric cable fell and melted turning the sandy ground into glass

© ap83 / Reddit

9. Miniscule frogs found in this metal pipe

© DK5199 / Reddit

10. Maybe Hansel and Gretel was inspired by this house?

© CommercialsMaybe / Reddit

11. A McDonald’s cup floats under an icy pond

© neovapor / Reddit

12. One very long penne pasta

© NattyK / Reddit

13. The impressive size of a street light

© Pusheenthestudent / Reddit

14. Stunning fossil of a shell

© reddron / Reddit

15. When staircase shadows look like a staircase

© JazzFricker / Reddit