15 Photos that prove you’re dang old!

With time, all things pass,“ but there are a few facts we can never forget.

Time goes by without us paying any attention to it. We're still young in our minds, when we get older in age. Sometimes we are confronted with things that make us say, That's it, now I’m old!.

Here are 15 photos that prove you’re dang old:

1. "Gladiator" is 14 years old

2. The TV series "Friends" is 22 years old

3. No more CD holders in your car

4. The series "Prison Break" is 10 years old

5. "Matrix" is 15 years old

6. "Nemo" is 11 years old

7. Erik Per Sullivan, Dewey in "Malcolm in the Middle", is 23 years old

8. Clara Morgane is 34 years old

9. The song "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton is 14 years old

10. "Duke Nukem 3D" is 18 years old

11. The first broadcast of "Star Academy" (a French music contest show) was 14 years ago

12. Mackenzie Rosman, Ruthie in "7th Heaven", is 25 years old

13. The first iPhone came out 8 years ago

14. The famous Tamagoshi is 19 years old

15. The TV series "Charmed" is 17 years old