15 surprising discoveries shared on social networks

How many of you have come across a weird sight that's sparked your curiosity? Have you ever seen anything similar to these photos?

Our day starts out as usual and then we turn a corner, get in our car or head off on a walk only to find or stumble upon something that makes our jaw drop. They may not be life-changing situations, but they still give us something to talk about at the end of the day!

Here are 15 intriguing photos that were shared online.

1. Seen on a school campus - a lock in a rock!

© EddieSnitker4 / reddit

2. He found this when walking around his apartment block

© lilugliestmane / reddit

3. Bonus!

© dj_mumbles / reddit

4. A McDonald’s meal from 1970-ish that they found behind a wall in their new home!

© nyratevoli / reddit

5. When human and dog merge into one

© riverwhite / Reddit

6. This nest is made entirely from their dog's fur

© dittshie / reddit

7. When you find an old banana in a coat you haven't worn for years

© The_GreatWhiteNorth / reddit

8. The trace of a sleeping wolf 

© Cactusy / reddit

9. 5-leaf clover!

© AkaMiso / reddit

10. Enjoying a nap in the sun

© OctopussSevenTwo / Imgur

11. A geniune accident or maybe it's art?

© folly136 / reddit

12. This ice formed during a drive

© SeamanTheCat / reddit

13. Two-tailed lizard

© mrcelophane / reddit

14. A square stone that formed naturally

© kharingin / reddit

15. He never knew his house had a cellar until this happened

© lofud / reddit