15 tips found online that are actually a one-way-ticket to disaster

Who doesn't immediately go online when looking for tips, tricks and life hacks to solve a problem or make things run more smoothly?  The internet is swarming with advice, a lot of which is dubious and some of which is just plain dangerous.  In other words, don't believe everything you read on the net!

Here are 15 people who sought advice online, much to their regret!

1. No, you should never cook an egg in a microwave!

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Eggs in their shells should always be boiled if you don't want to be greeted by an explosion! If you do want to use a microwave, scramble the eggs!

2. A cheap life hack, but not a good idea

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Using a broom will gradually scratch the glass, so either way you'll end up with zero visibility!

3. Using a toilet seat as a hands-free tray...

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Not comfortable, not stable and imagine if the toilet seat's been used... You may as well just put pee and poop on your plate!

4. Apparently some cell phones are dirtier than a toilet

© Hatrix2367/Imgur  

But we don't think washing them is the best idea...

5. Putting your cell phone in water to magnify the screen

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And if you also plan do this to stop the battery overheating, be warned that your cell phone will go to a watery grave!

6. DIY sandals

© CoolNickName/Imgur  

Some people know how to make tongs and sandals from bottles, but if you just do what this guy's done, you'll end your day in ER!

7. Tying your remotes together

© natman001/Reddit  

To be fair, if you tend to lose things or have kids, then this could be a useful remote control saver!

8. Cut sleeves off fleeces to make a gilet

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Why?  Just buy a gilet and leave the sleeves on the fleece...

9. Use a tennis racket to mash potatoes

© imogenbarrer/twitter  

Did this person really think that this would work?  Even if you don't have a masher or fork to hand, you'll only end up with more potato on the racket than in your stomach!

10. Using tape to repair burst water pipes

© wikimedia  

Don't take the risk - it'll only leak again! Plus a plumber won't charge much to solder a cracked pipe!

11. Wear 'spiky' clothes so people give you some space on public transport

© Siew Ming Cheng/Behance  

So what if you fall over? Or if another passenger accidentally falls against you?  You'll either end up in ER or jail! Or both!

12. Using a seat belt buckle to open your beer

© Reddit  

What are you doing drinking and driving?

13. Eat breakfast and brush your teeth at the same time

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Toothpaste is supposed to be spat out - it's actually bad for our health if we ingest its chemicals.  Plus this whacky time-saver won't give you dazzling smile!

14. Never lose your keys by attaching them to your nose piercing

© dopl3r  

Words fail us... We wonder how long it took him to rip his nostril open.

15. Stick screwdrivers into your tires so you can drive over snow

© Imgur  

Welcome to slow punctures and the cost of replacing your tires!

It's not a comprehensive list, but it'll give you some idea of the idiotic tips that some people like to share... Which one do you think is the dumbest or have you ever come across similar accidents waiting to happen?