15 women who got one up on their boyfriend or husband

The Battle of the Sexes... And from a woman's point of view it's often about handling their partner's 'inner joker' - something that's attractive when they first hook up, but can become annoying years down the line! Rather than brushing it off, some woman have found some subtle tried and tested methods to get one up on their partner, often with hilarious results.

Here are 15 women who decided to lay down the law or outwit their partner, without losing their sense of humor! So what about you? How have you wreaked revenge? Share your stories with us below!

1. This woman found a secure hiding place for her chocolate bars!

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2. LOL.  Honesty is the best policy!

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3. Every time this woman goes on a business trip, she 'decorates' her pillow on the off-chance that her husband brings another woman home during her absence.

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4. This lady helps her husband to select his outfits!

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5. When you decide to buy a gift for a husband who's good at math, but terrible at spelling!

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6. This woman's always finds her husband's hair all over the tub, so now she leaves him vegetables in return

7. Be warned... Never challenge your girlfriend to shave your leg whilst you sleep without waking you up!  You may even end up with a sparkly pedicure!

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8. This lady promised her husband a '50 Shades of Grey-themed' evening.  Guess what he found when he got home...

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9. When your wife decides to customize your shampoo

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10. This lady was tired of making her husband's sandwiches, so decided to put her foot down!

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11. Not partner-related but a great way to stop a pizza delivery company from inundating you with flyers

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12. If you're married to a make-up artist, don't get so drunk that you fall asleep on the couch!

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13. And he wondered why his girlfriend fell about laughing when she saw this photo!

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14. When you ask your husband to clean out the filters and leave him a little surprise!

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15. The day a husband decided to get his own back and offer his wife a 'ring' for Christmas.  BIG mistake... After all, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

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