16 creative parents who managed to keep their tricky kids happy

Parenting is both rewarding and complex. The perfect parent doesn't exist and it takes time to get into the routine. Are there any particular rules to follow, apart from the usual duties? No, is the short answer! Each parent has their own approach to raising their brood, and will do their best to keep their kids happy.

From dealing with meltdowns to keeping them entertained, some parents have come up with some genius solutions that are original and easy to do. Both hilarious and surprising, these guys prove that with a bit of  imagination, you can keep your little ones smiling! Just check out the following selection...

1. Guaranteed to get your kids out of bed and downstairs for breakfast

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2. So their toys don't float away

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3. How to avoid sticky drips

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4. For anyone with kids that love to draw

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5. Because kids love hammocks

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6. Avoid getting shampoo in their eyes

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7. When going to school is fun

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8. Never lose bath toys again!

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9. Not quite hygenic enough for us!

10. Labels for when you're out and about with your kids

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11. Because her daughter wanted a new dress

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12. Simple and effective!

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13. So she can touch the water

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14. How to deal with cold toilet seats

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15. All crumbs need to fit on to one tile - a great way to get the kids to help with housework!

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16. When it's time to take his medicine

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