16 designers who have questionable taste

Some designers are hugely talented, while others fail to make the grade. Just check out the following selection!

Designers generally do their best to make the world a better place, especially when it comes to fun, innovative ideas. Some designs make life easier, while others don't make any sense and should never have got past the R&D stage...

Here are 16 photos of designs that leave a lot to be desired!

1. Would your kids love or be scared to death by this Donald Duck toilet?

© Unknown / Reddit

2. When Shrek's feet are bigger than a child

© Avrata27 / Reddit

3. This is migraine-inducing

© YodaTheGey / Reddit

4. Because London and New York are the same place?

© Revealed_Jailor / Reddit

5. Poor Yoshi, who's lost a hand and whose colors are the wrong way round

© hawkalvs / Reddit

6. When Peppa Pig's dad slowly morphs into a Simpson

© toniakim / Reddit

7. Enough to make you want to take the stairs

© itakeskypics/ Reddit

8. This restaurant chose this for its restroom

© Josuke_Help / Reddit

9. When you split the image in 4

© macdaibhi90 / Reddit

10. Frozen meets the Wild West

© Zuzufatcat / Reddit

11. So you can walk on grass all-day-long

© KrazyBad521 / Reddit

12. So much for a long neck. Or the right colors...

© craggy_cynic / Reddit

13. A plastic fork that looks like it's been fished out of a sewer

© cactuscore / Reddit

14. The Throne

© bgwinup / Reddit

15. A very wedged-in Fred Flintstone 

© pinezz / Reddit

16. Batman meets Hulk meets the Avengers

© ObliviousFail / Reddit