16 home delivery nightmares that people snapped and shared

Home deliveries are a bit like a lottery... We know how we want our order to be delivered, but have no control over the situation.

When shopping online, the first issue is confirming that the photo matches the product we order. But the actual problem may arise when it comes to the delivery. From poor packaging to the shipping method, a whole host of mishaps can happen once our order has been dispatched -something that the following 16 unlucky customers quickly discovered.

1. When your mushroom growing kit has already sprouted

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2. Ditto for this plant!

© Amilya / Pikabu

3. When the mail delivery person can't read

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4. What if this contained a really expensive item?

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5. When they block a door that opens outwards

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6. It must have been a bumpy ride

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7. They must have been furious

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8. They squished it in and now it's stuck

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9. When the vendor forgot to put this in the first parcel

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10. RIP computer components

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11. This was a glass shelf

© Zyendo / reddit

12. When McDonald's forgets the burger part of your burger

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13. Their long-awaited porcelain vase

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14. Not such a Happy Birthday

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15. When the flour you ordered arrives like this

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16. She received someone else's order, but doesn't know who they are...

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