16 mysterious objects that baffled the internet

We've all come across weird objects that leave us scratching our heads.

They’re odd items that at first make no sense, but often turn out to be something useful such as cooking utensils or sewing accessories. They may be confusing because they come from a bygone era or another culture, but thanks to the internet, we know our questions will eventually be answered, just like the following 16 unusual finds.

1. A tattle-tape to prevent book theft from a library

© mckinnos / reddit  

2. A wonton and dumpling cutter

© CaLLmeRaaandy / reddit  

3. An insect nest where bugs can find shelter from bad weather

© smokesletsgo420 / reddit  

4. A boot stand

© doublefrozengrapes / reddit  

5. Metal bars to help blind people find the washbasins

© austin0300 / reddit  

6. A ukulele string

© rhino_dimesion / reddit  

7. A hot chocolate whisk from Colombia

© Setati / reddit  

8. A flute embouchure trainer!

© Wingman4l7 / reddit  

9. A control point used by surveyors

© asparagusbroccoli / reddit  

10. Internet users beliveve these are Dendrobium orchid bulbs

© Katieeeeeeie / reddit  

11. These bubbles are produced by bananas' sugar when the skin splits

© Letter72 / reddit  

12. To remove corn from the cobs

© lncRNA / reddit  

13. A gyro-bowl that kids can play with without their food falling out

© piltin / reddit  

14. Used for holding stiches when knitting

© Cladski85 / reddit  

15. A rocking food chopper

© TobermanXD / reddit  

16. A chakra pendant

© The_Red_Saraf / reddit