16 objects that blend in perfectly with the background

Camouflage is an art that's not easy to master, and it's even more impressive when it's by a complete stroke of luck!

Inadvertently blending into the scenery, being part of the furniture and going unnoticed are all coincidences that the following people have managed to photograph and share. Thanks to a perfect match between colors and patterns, these objects beautifully merge into one.

Here are 16 photos of everyday items that are perfectly camouflaged.

1. Spot the Nacho

© kid-hopsicle / Reddit

2. When your water bottle matches your shirt

© thru*** / Reddit

3. Someone who loves animal prints

© crlystmbr / Reddit

4. A product that's sure to do a good job

© MattFidler / Reddit

5. As realistic as wood

© Delta-Jacob / Reddit

6. When you match the garden furniture

© sansrom / Reddit

7. What came first, the T-shirt or the tiles?

© e***compunction / Reddit

8. A granite-flavored pizza?

© unassumingRodent / Reddit

9. How to lose your wallet

© catsnstuffz / Reddit

10. For a minute they lost their feet

© victoriousship / Reddit

11. When two companies use the same design

© ChickensAllTheWayDwn / Reddit

12. Luggage that matches the train's interior

© crudknuckles / Reddit

13. Must have been bought as a matching set

© f***isfaction / Reddit

14. Warm carpet and a pair of cozy socks

© localshortperson / Reddit

15. She couldn't find her candy

© TR-BetaFlash / Reddit

16. A harmonious kitchen

© illewmination / Reddit