16 people who totally lack respect

Being respectful isn't just about following rules. It means thinking about others, looking after our planet and trying to live a life that does good, not bad. Sadly, there's always someone who doesn't give a hoot and will always put their own needs and desires first.

They do what they want and don't care if they hurt or insult others. It's selfish and sometimes we wish karma would come back and hit them fair and square. To have a taste of their own medicine could do them the world of good... And the following examples are just the tip of the iceberg!

1. Barriers are there for a reason...

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2. When kids are let loose in a store

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3. Seriously? Unbelievable!

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4. Leaving a movie theater looking like a pig sty

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5. How to suffocate a cyclist

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6. Eww, yuck

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7. How to con your customers

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8. We have no words...

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9. They'll pay the price of having to repair their scooter

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10. Some people feel so self-entitled

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11. No, just no

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12. Imagine getting back to your seat and finding this

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13. Why not?

14. Because public transport = trash can?

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15. One day there may be no plants left

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16. On a war memorial

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