16 people whose creativity had no limits

Creativity has no limits when you decide to give it free rein. This is what you’ll see in the photos below.

Whether it’s for pleasure or a specific goal, every project calls for a certain creativity. An advertiser has to be creative to reach his target. An apprentice makeup artist has to find substitutes to practice on when there are no clients. The people below had to get creative to achieve their goals.

Here are 16 photos that illustrate how creative some people are.

1. The next client will have to thank all the potatoes who helped this esthetician practice.

2. For the sake of bringing smiles to people's faces

© vielseitig/reddit

3. The first animated tattoo

4. These vegetables grow into the shape of the containers surrounding them, offering creative new shapes to use in the kitchen.

© savage-dragon/reddit

5. Two stools used as an easel

© ***niyvolshebnik/reddit

6. Decorative street art

© moebiuz36/reddit

7. A brand that found the right idea to advertise itself

© SnorlaxBoljak/reddit

8. These inserts in the gloves she ordered were made from surplus playing cards.

© low_bwaaa/reddit

9. Old wooden yardsticks being used as walls on a truck bed

© mountainsandrocks/reddit

10. The bike rack in front of this bookstore wants to pass along a message.

© H***Panties/reddit

11. Automatic seat adjustment buttons in the shape of the parts they control

© doccadocca/reddit

12. Some very unique playing cards

© artiphany.com

13. A pencil made from recycled newspapers

© bonron_longdong/reddit

14. An “Uno” belt

© ChowtownX/reddit

15. A bus stop shelter made from the bucket of an excavator

© sippen730/reddit

16. The water from the sink goes directly into the urinal.

© ***kanaI/reddit