16 photos of awesome hiding places found in homes

Secret hiding places are the best defense against thieves, but also make great storage ideas.

Whether you’re running out of space to store your belongings or want to keep them safe from burglars, there are plenty of ways to get creative. A good secret hiding place should be in the last place you imagine it to be.

Here are 16 photos of cool hiding places that you may want to consider.

1. For anyone who has a bookcase

© rondelevium / Imgur

2. Hidden drawers are always a safe bet!

© Dturska12 / reddit

3. Hide among the boulders!

© SleepyGary5 / reddit

4. Not hidden, but a really cool bathroom door!

© koko22022 / reddit

5. Made by a dad and his son!

© drewstoinski / reddit

6. An en-suite behind the closets

© treloarasaurus / reddit

7. A very secret room

© seven_critical_blows / reddit

8. Pretty and protects curious kids

© axenlader / reddit

9. If you need extra fridge space

© melisage / reddit

10. This dates back to the 19e century!

© mintyturds / reddit

11. Sneaky bookends!

© Montag__ / reddit

12. A secret door usually covered by a whiteboard

© Unknown / reddit

13. So you can enjoy a meal or a jigsaw puzzle

© cdoody / Imgur

14. A storage door that leads down to a cellar

© immaterialist / reddit

15. Great way to get extra storage space

© neillovegrove / reddit

16. If you have a small bathroom

© Zealotnic / reddit