16 photos of old objects found by tenants when they moved into a new home

Finding old items is an awesome way to travel back in time and these snaps are just the tip of the iceberg!

From clearing out an attic to uncovering secrets while renovating, you never know what you may find from another era. Old clothes or photos that belonged to the previous occupants give us a peek at what life was like back in their day.

Here are 16 photos of items uncovered by people after they moved into a new home. 

1. When renovating her bathroom she found a hidden closet with this vintage dress inside

© schoessling / Reddit

2. A newspaper from 1934 that was found under a floor

© AuricGodshawk / Reddit

3. This dates back to when the house was built

© Potato_monkey1 / Reddit

4. A stamp from the1950s

© okwhatwhy / Reddit

5. This old spoon was left behind in the kitchen

© SisterSparechange / Reddit

6. Coins found when they cleaned their new house

© Cloesch85 / Reddit

7. The original wallpaper!

© nickthed*ck7921 / Reddit

8. A catalog found during a renovation

© Turronno / Reddit

9. Really old Band-Aids

© ZoltronX / Reddit

10. This old house must hide many secrets!

© buttertoast313 / Reddit

11. Tribal art that was left behind

© MeaninglessDebateMan / Reddit

12. A lucky charm!

© scott20d / Reddit

13. A Vogue sewing machine from 1950

© Physicsmagnum / Reddit

14. His mother found this book by Bob Dylan

© 4spiral2out0 / Reddit, © Bob Dylan / MacMillan

15. A Monopoly game from 1920

© murphman84 / Reddit

16. Safe to drink???

© bwingb17 / Reddit