16 photos of people having a lousy day

We all know what it's like to have a bad day and all we can do is ride it out.

For example when we spend hours in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal only to drop the pan on the floor as we walk to the table: yup, bad luck is an anywhere, anytime part of life!

Here are 16 photos of people who were snapped just as things went downhill.

1. Mozarella and tomato salad...

© Ensirius / Reddit

2. The split second before it all went wrong

© Macbeefy / Reddit

3. The joys of being a parent

© homerchick / Pikabu

4. Back to square one

© XSG_LG-G6 / Reddit

5. When your face is hidden by a flying cap

© morisempaii / Reddit

6. How on Earth do you get it out?

© Notmybestusername3 / Reddit

7. It didn't occur to him that there was a bay tree in front of his house

© Gustifer05 / Reddit

8. Meanwhile at the car wash

© zelegp / Reddit

9. Ever felt like you're being watched?

© dk-berlin / Reddit

10. Just don't turn the waste disposal on

© CheesecakeGlock / Reddit

11. When a chicken strikes

© gzigmann / Reddit

12. Easier said than done

© zamnik_ / Reddit

13. Oh the irony!

© daniel8462 / Reddit

14. And it went from bad to worse...

© spinmaester / Reddit

15. Big Bird's had a long, tiring day

© TeardropsFromHell / Reddit

16. "Ooh look, a comfy bed!"

© 5_Frog_Margin / Reddit