16 photos that sum up life with kids

Being a parent is awesome, but you must also be prepared for chaos...

Children are adorable, but have their own disorderly way of doing things from leaving toys all over the place to getting creative with a pair of hair clippers. Parents across the world have snapped and shared photos of their little terrors getting into all sort of scrapes.

Here are 16 photos that illustrate the "fun" turmoil of having kids.

1. Why have separate bedrooms when they all hang out in yours?

© danthoms / reddit

2. Beyond cute!!!

© atmospheric / imgur

3. This is why we mentioned hair clippers

© passingglans / reddit

4. Cooling for him, fun for her!

© SleepWouldBeNice / reddit

5. When blowing turns into spitting

© jaime0007 / reddit

6. Because his pony was too hot outside

© SeriesOfAdjectives / reddit

7. He speared his egg with a fork and then didn't want to eat it because it was speared by fork...

© thisissixsyllables / reddit

8. A tender note from son to father

© magnus_ubergasm / reddit

9. Nice color choice!

© schalom / pikabu

10. She decided to take a bath all by herself

© RecklessDolly / reddit

11. When you catch him cleaning his potty with your toothbrush

© Ka3de / reddit

12. Maybe mom won't notice that it fell in the toilet?

© wutwut191 / reddit

13. We so hope this is pencil...

© PieterJanSmet / reddit

14. Siblings...

© Captain_Davey / reddit

15. He decided it needed a wash

© The_Anti-Monitor / reddit

16. She couldn't understand why the air vent wasn't working, so took the cover off and found this

© AGuyYouNeverMet / reddit