16 photos where creativity rubs shoulders with stupidity

Being creative is one thing, lacking common sense is another! However, sometimes these two worlds collide and the result can be hair-raisingly scary...

We may understand what some people are trying to achieve, but their thought process is wide of the mark, meaning potentially great ideas end up as total fails. From funny to freaky, just check out the following examples!

1. Could this be the reason why women tend to live longer?

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2. One for exhibitionists?

© SlipperySlothicorn / reddit  

3. Recognizable, but imagine all the sweat...

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4. Where there's a will, there's a way

5. It's not even raining...

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6. Practical, if not pretty

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7. So how do you get it to move?

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8. How long before a blaze breaks out?

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9. Would you dare do this?

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10. Should we take their word for it?

11. Wait 'til it starts the spin cycle...

12. An accident waiting to happen

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13. How to highlight the lawn

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14. Seriously dumb or utter genius?

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15. Oh boy, this is just plain scary

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17. Creative and seems to do the trick!

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