16 pranks that every brother and sister will understand

A study in 2014, stated that 23% of American families only have one child. Today, the number has grown to 30%. The reasons? Lack of money, fear of the future, individualism... Yet growing up with siblings can be a wonderful thing! There is a unique and very strong bond between the younger members of a family.

But even if we love our siblings to death, there's also the question of rivalry and, of course, the cool pranks we can play!

1. When you're late for Thanksgiving dinner and you ask your brother to save a plate

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2. So cruel, so funny!

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3. A problem shared is a problem halved

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4. He was fed of seeing his brother play with it

5. A wedding gift for his newlywed sister!

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6. Never leave your little brother home alone

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7. There's one missing...

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8. His sister hated being called "Giraffe" because of her long neck... Guess what he bought her for her birthday...

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9. When your brother takes delivery of your new sneakers and sends you these snaps

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10. This was the first time she gave her brother a gift

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11. Yet again his brother sent him a potato...

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12. His sister always sends him New York taxi driver calendars

13. Please follow the instructions carefully

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14. When you ask your sister to help you pack up your house

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15. She invited her brother to a fancy restaurant and he turned up in this!

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16. Never lend your phone to your little brother

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