16 stunning tattoos that pay tribute to a loved one

For many people, tattoos allow them to feel close to a loved one, and the following selection is especially touching!

When we lose a loved one, a tattoo keeps them in our hearts and in our memories. A work of art forever engraved on our skin for a beautiful reminder of happy times.

But tattoos are also a great way to honor the living, be it our partner, pet or family member.

Here are 16 photos of tattoos that pay tribute to loved ones.

1. A cup of coffee in memory of his grandma (and her lipstick!)

© PamfromTheOffice/ Imgur

2. A muzzle and paw print for each of his deceased dogs

© stripp1/ Imgur

3. To remember her dad, who passed away 3 years earlier

© Hollow-me/ Reddit

4. Snif

© princessmina143/ Reddit

5. An image that symbolizes a childhood memory

© littleBlueDino/ Imgur

6. For his daughter, who passed away the previous year

© rothar43/ Reddit

7. Self-love is also important

8. A chaffinch, one of his grandpa's favorite birds

© imemmental/ Imgur

9. Sisters express their bond

© sky-high-/ Reddit

10. Roommates get inked, so they can remember the fun times they shared

© __coveredbridge/ Reddit

11. The ink was made using his mother's ashes

© nsw11D3/ Reddit

12. To celebrate the arrival of their baby

© golfa***/ Reddit

13. Brothers with Donald Duck's nephews to show their everlasting bond

© Gomping/ Reddit

14. One very proud dad

© JCDC5/ Reddit

15. His wife getting ready for their wedding

© spacelordsix/ Reddit

16. The date they got married

© kb***s/ Reddit