16 super-practical designs that make our lives easier

It often only takes little things to make everyday life easier. These photos illustrate some of the more useful designs.

By creating a certain product or service, some designers revolutionize the way we do things and we can't thank them enough!

Here are 16 photos that illustrate the genius of some designers.

1. You can easily chain your bike to the stand and protect it from the rain

© Vinceconvince / Reddit

2. When work clothes advise patrons to use the other door

© Hi_mynameis_Matt / Reddit

3. A fan that's also a clock

© Foxy_Gravy / Reddit

4. Perfect for cleaning your glasses

© Samviii / Reddit

5. A pencil meets ruler

© bugcatcherpaul / Reddit

6. A full-cover hood with eyeholes

© radicallysold / Reddit

7. So you can read any small print!

© missingrubiks / Reddit

8. A very hygenic restroom

© maxpyne2000 / Reddit

9. One for tea-lovers!

© nextjesus / Reddit

10. This card lets blind people know which way it should be inserted

© jamescridland / Reddit

11. So you never get your measurements wrong

© thenickwinters / Reddit

12. Complete with a little pit box

© rustyfinch / Reddit

13. An integrated mirror so you can fully protect your face

© im_a_dingbat / Reddit

14. Because animals need to drink too

© MotorboatingSofaB / Reddit

15. So you can instantly see which is the long side

© mslaw10 / Reddit

16. Lights that show if a cubicle is free or in use

© fuze57 / Reddit