16 times someone spread a little happiness

Everyone loves to be pampered. There's no better feeling than when you're surrounded by people who only want the best for and who will go that extra mile.

Most of us love to take care of our loved ones, and even the smallest gestures make a big difference.

Here are 16 photos where someone spread a little happiness!

1. When your daughter only likes orange jelly beans

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2. Her fiance wanted a pie, but she didn't know which one to make - so she made 4!

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3. When your best friend gives you the gift you've wanted for years!

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4. When your husband does this!

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5. Proud that he managed to fix the AC in his son's car

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6. Indian police feeding the homeless

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7. A present from her grandson

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8. His wife longed for such a table, but couldn't afford one... Guess what he made for her!

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9. His son always dreamed of having a 'tree trunk' bookshelf

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10. When you leave home but still receive "surprise supplies"!

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11. His mom painted this image from his favorite card collection

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12. A comfy seat!

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13. When your dog feels cold...

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14. Soothing a dog after a nasty traffic accident

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15. She later named her baby after her great-grandmother who bravely battled dementia

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16. This guy didn't want a dog...

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