16 upcyclers who saved money and helped the planet too

It's possible to live in harmony with nature without neglecting our material needs and these photos provide plenty of cool ideas.

Us humans have got into the habit of depleting natural resources in order to live the lives we enjoy. The ease with which we can buy items or access services only makes things worse. However, some people have come up with ways to get what they want while giving our planet some time to repair the damage we've caused.

Here are 16 photos taken by people who care about the environment and their bank accounts!

1. Turn old t-shirts into unique underwear

© bpvanhorn / reddit

2. Repurpose old wooden fencing

© kingpig2017 / reddit

3. Knitted from leftover bits of wool

© JadedYarn / reddit

4. Put onion skin in vinegar, let it boil and you'll get a natural dye!

© ChaseMe2DaMoon / reddit, © ChaseMe2DaMoon / reddit

5. A simple stone to remove pet hair

© jellyflesh / reddit

7. Fabric sandwich bags!

© saint***head / reddit

8. Any fiber can be knitted to make something else

© Top_Lifeguard_5408 / reddit

9. This grandma mends plastic lids!

© pdeof / reddit, © pdeof / reddit

10. For when the handle breaks

© davers22 / reddit

11. Washable napkin

© BeetsbySasha / reddit

12. Turn old dusters into facial cleansing pads

© caninedesign / reddit

13. Toilet paper cardboard makes excellent seed pots

© Aluminumthreads869 / reddit

14. Found in a dumpster and upcycled!

© chicstranger / twitter

15. An alternative to using toilet paper

© DearDyllan / reddit

16. Turn old throws and drapes into cushion covers

© pillowpods / twitter