17 abandoned cats and dogs that found a loving forever home

Life can be tough for many cats and dogs. Thrown out on the street or taken to a shelter, their future doesn't always look bright...

People who rescue and foster these animals in distress or look after them when they are in an animal shelter are real life-savers, but can only offer a temporary solution. Shelter and foster homes quickly become overcrowded, so the search for a forever home is an on-going priority. And the change in these four-legged friends is incredible once they settle down with their new family.

Here are 17 heart-warming photos that show just how well cats and dogs do once they've been adopted by loving owners.

1. This guy adopted a senior dog so it could spend its twilight years in a comfy, loving home

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2. When emerald eyes twinkle with happiness

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3. Meatball, another senior dog to find a forever home

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4. This cat lost its sight, but found a loving owner

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5. The first time this rescue dog celebrated his birthday

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6. Brothers that were put up for adoption and were adopted together

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7. This little "pirate" quickly settled in

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8. This little guy had health problems, but found an owner who was happy to get him all the treatments he needed

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9. Love and gratitude

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10. The day he was adopted vs how is he is today

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11. Another first day followed by a snap taken a few years later

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12. This cat has a broken jaw, but that didn't stop it from finding a new home

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13. When you end up in a loving home that also has a super-comfy sofa!

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14. This alley cat became a pampered cat!

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15. A tiny rescued kitten

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16. A rescue dog becomes a pampered pooch

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17. The transformation is incredible!

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