17 brilliant design ideas that keep customers coming back

Sometimes designers can be real geniuses. These photos show that fact perfectly.

In a store, high quality products and good prices are obviously some of the selling points that people consider when shopping. However, designers sometimes give stores something else to consider.

Here are 17 photos of some of the best ideas from designers.

1. This jewelry store features a door handle shaped like a gold ring

© littleorganbigm / Reddit

2. And at this bakery, it’s more like two baguettes.

© stimilon / Reddit

3. At this mall, the elevator call buttons are in a book.

© OverlordMikan / Reddit

4. This sporting goods store lets you test canoes on an indoor miniature lake.

© forceofsmog / Reddit

5. This luggage store offers a sample airplane cabin so you can make sure that the suitcases will work for you on the plane.

© nos***z0ne / Reddit

6. This mall lets people ride a bike between 7 and 10 am.

© RodjerExplosion / Reddit

7. In Bangkok, the color of the basket you choose lets staff know if you need help or want to be left alone.

© saksith / Reddit

8. This sporting goods store has model tents, so they don’t have to use up space setting up the full-size ones.

© self_Sim / Reddit

9. This store also displays miniature chairs and couches identical to the models for sale.

© DragonLoad / Reddit

10. A giant wall made of sequins so you can write messages…

© Razatappa / Reddit

11. This shopping cart has a phone holder.

© Penguinkeith / Reddit

12. An index of the store aisles on every cart…

© JPfowl / Reddit

13. An Italian city built inside a Tokyo mall

© Spl420iff / Reddit

14. This store has little carts so you can bring your dog along to do the shopping.

© MerleChi / Reddit

15. This store puts out water for dogs…

© NutellaOreoReeses / Reddit

16. Refrigerated lockers so you can keep groceries cold while you continue shopping…

© new_number_one / Reddit

17. A test track to try out different hiking boots before buying

© HansTilburg / Reddit