17 childhood toys that drove us all crazy

We all had our favorite toys, but some of them were as confusing as they were fun.  From magical bottles to weird creatures that hatched and grew in front of our eyes... It's time to refresh your memory! 

Here are 17 toys that drove us crazy as kids.  So, which one of these brainteasers was your favorite?

1. Baby bottles where the milk disappeared if you turned them upside down.

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The bottle's made of 2 containers separated by a thin gap that holds a small amount of milk.  This runs down into the reservoir when the bottle's turned upside down!

2. Colored sand that dried the instant you lifted it out of water.

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The grains of sand are coated with a waterproof substance such as wax

3. Baby Born dolls that drank water and peed, but ate food that never reappeared

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4. Sea Monkeys that grew from a powder sprinkled on to a bowl of water

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5. Weird-smelling giant bubbles that you blew up with a small tube

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6. Normal-looking bubbles that wouldn't burst when they touched something

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7. Plastic cap guns that produced smoke when the trigger was pulled

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8. The refillable bottle that came with the Baby All Gone doll.

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9. Cherries that magically appeared when you put the spoon in the jar.

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The spoon's empty, but the pot activates a mechanism that then loads the cherries.

10. A video game precursor - Pixel Chix, where the character ran onto a different screen if you connected two of them together.

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11. Ahh Furbies... Kinda scary-looking toys that answered back if you spoke to them!

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12. Poo-Chi, the electronic dog that gave you a loving look if you offered him a bone

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13. An edible experiment kit where you could make real food from powders in an alien's body!

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14. Dolls that would magically fly once you pulled their string

© Play Along Toys

15. The Mouse Trap maze - impossible to reconstruct in the same way.  As it says on the box, 'zany action on a crazy contraption'!

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16. These wands were fun because of the noise they made!

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17. Wobbly anti-stress hand toys that actually created more stress!

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