17 couples with a great sense of humor

Some couples manage to maintain a good sense of humor whatever the day has in store.

Here's a selection of photos shared by couples who love a joke or two. By injecting a bit of humor into their daily lives they prove that it does the world of good if you try to look on the bright side of things.

Here are 17 photos shared by couples who enjoy a laugh.

1. He wanted to surprise her, and chose a product she only uses about once a month

2. She didn't want her husband in the photo

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3. Baby shower gifts!

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4. They always do this...

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5. Because he's her favorite actor

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6. When your main competition is the dog

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7. We hope they saw the funny side

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8. Her boyfriend wanted her to display his photo on her desk

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9. The day he cleaned and organized the bathroom

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10. She wanted to give him a special gift and chose this bathrobe...

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11. Celebrating 60 years of marriage

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12. He works outdoors, so she prepared an indoor picnic

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13. She asked him to put away the groceries

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14. A passerby took a photo and then said he wanted one too!

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15. They wanted popcorn and roast chicken for dinner

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16. His fiance almost took hold of the wrong hand

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17. One way to get out of trouble with your wife!

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