17 genius tricks anyone can try at home

Good advice should never fall on deaf ears. Besides, some people use it every day to solve their problems. So, solutions are there to be found...

People have the ability to call on their imagination to face the difficulties they come across in their everyday lives. Human ingenuity is on the rise. See the pictures below for proof...with the tips that go along with them.

1. If you don’t have the right-sized wrench, use a coin!

© jamdeeper / Reddit  

2. A sponge saturated with water and frozen in a zipper baggie can be used as an ice pack that won’t melt and drip all over.

© eyesoftheworld4 / Reddit  

3. When you want to attach a poster to the wall and not damage the wallpaper, you can use a paper clip and a small magnet.

© krsm_ttt / Reddit  

4. Use different colored covers on your headphones to easily distinguish left and right.

5. If you’re worried about pickpockets, you can put your money in a sanitary napkin... Nobody will steal it from you then!

© ResidentAlbatross78 / Reddit  

6. If your computer’s hinge is broken, use the back of a photo frame as a temporary stand.

© griffinonthego / Reddit  

7. Use white nail polish to fill in the stamped markings on your tools.

© RIPJ4WZ / Reddit  

8. Did you know this raises up so you can clean underneath?

© 5p33di3 / Reddit  

9. Hot glue some magnets to your drill for a place to keep your screws while working.

© reginaldvontooshface / Reddit  

10. When hanging something with 2 hooks, use painters’ tape and a level to get the exact markings on the wall. Hammer in your nails and peel away the tape!

© Deleted / Reddit  

11. When you move, pack your hanging clothes in garbage bags!

© unlimitedmtndew / Reddit  

12. When the toaster doesn’t work, use the stove.

© TheDemonHobo / Reddit  

13. When drilling a hole in the ceiling, use this to protect your eyes from the dust and debris.

© cableguysmith / Reddit  

14. A trick for storing the seeds without dirtying a plate.

© PhamTung04 / Imgur  

15. Need to tenderize meat, but you don’t have a tenderizer? Try a fork and hammer!

© QueenAnneBoleynTudor / Reddit  

16. Use graph paper to plan how you’re going to rearrange your furniture before actually doing it.

© Worldroam / Reddit  

17. It really works, even if it doesn’t last very long.

© eran- / Reddit