17 inedible objects that look good enough to eat

Appearances can be deceiving, especially when they make your mouth water.

Some things look so delicious, if only they were edible

Here are 17 photos of objects that look like food… but are anything but that.

1. Calcite that resembles fried chicken

© rebelraf / reddit  

2. This rusty tarp makes you want a burrito.

© SirNimbus / reddit  

3. This eroded coral looks like popcorn.

© urbycoz / reddit  

4. These pieces of sea glass might make your mouth water!

5. These beads look like sugared, heart-shaped almonds.

© thecranberryelders / imgur  

6. This homemade laundry soap might easily be mistaken for grated cheese.

© Tasmith49 / reddit  

7. Looks like someone dropped their toast!

© zacharoid / reddit  

8. This spackling looks just like fruit sorbet.

© aclassymess / reddit  

9. Furniture grippers that look like Oreos

© Braceface_killah / reddit  

10. Would you like chocolate or vanilla epoxy resin?

© ScullysFreckles / reddit  

11. These pretty tarts are not made with fruit, but with soap!

12. These are rubber bands, not pasta

© Mandalore_The_Pecan / reddit  

13. These bags are filled with stones that look like potatoes.

© joogaluu / reddit  

14. These refrigerator magnets look good enough to eat!

© SkarixO / reddit  

15. This isn’t a big chocolate cake.

© i124nk8 / imgur  

16. Very realistic embroidery

17. These “delicious” gummy bears and chocolate bars are actually pins.

© slightlystranger / reddit