17 mind-blowing off-beat tattoos

A great idea combined with a talented tattoo artist means ink that brushes with perfection. Just check out this awesome selection!

Getting inked is a big decision and takes a lot of thought when it comes to the symbolism of a work of art that we want to wear for life. The subjects we choose may be philosophical, or we may opt for fun, off-beat graphics.

Here are 17 photos of tattoos guaranteed to make you smile.

1. And it was a long-haul flight

© s**tstormsurfer/reddit

2. When you love cats and pizza

© RespectMyAutoriteh/reddit

3. When your knee becomes a belly

© xoJigglypuff/reddit

4. Enjoy a snack wherever you go

© copaOW/reddit

5. One for Family Guy fans

© Gaza1121/reddit

6. Because life is a balancing act

© btacceber/reddit

7. Creepy crawly

© saltus/reddit

8. Who doesn't love Peppa Pig?

© ponybeine/reddit

9. The jury's out on this one... Cool or creepy?

© jordie9109/reddit

10. When it's so bad it's funny

© GorillaBean/reddit

11. See above!

© samuelhunt/reddit

12. She wanted stars... She got a moonless nightscape

© macsimillian/reddit

13. Is it roaring or yawning,

© hotp0tat/reddit

14. Looks like they need to visit their dentist

© greed210/reddit

15. Howling under a chocolate chip cookie

© momof2redheads/reddit

16. One day it will be bald headed eagle

© InfidelCB/reddit

17. Not afraid of showing his true self

© Nicolasrvmoraes/reddit