17 people share their genius life hacks

The best hacks to make everyday life easier are sometimes the cheapest.

Got a broken lock, the wrong size batteries, or need some light while camping? Here, people are sharing their life hacks.

Here are 17 photos showing the best ideas for solving some of life’s little everyday problems.

1. No oven to reheat your leftover pizza? Turning your toaster on its side will do the trick!

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2. To secure a door with a broken lock, a simple chopstick might help.

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3. Wrong size of batteries? Try this hack!

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4. To keep your drink cold without watering it down from ice, cut up some fruit, freeze it, and add it to your drink.

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5. Use chopsticks to eat Cheetos at work, and your fingers won’t turn orange!

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6. If there’s no screen on your flight, make one yourself!

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7. This is how you sip your drink on the patio without bugs also enjoying it…

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8. When the power goes out, candles and a muffin tin can be used to heat up water (or anything else).

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9. The cheapest sprinkler system

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10. Keep salad dressing in liquor bottles when you bring lunch to work.

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11. Your phone’s light and a bottle of water can provide good lighting when you’re camping.

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12. Prevent burns from taking the rice out of the pan like this!

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13. The delivery pizza saver can be used as a phone holder!

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14. Attach your keys to the phone charger, so you never forget either one when you go out.

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15. Toaster broken? No problem!

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16. Put a sheet of card stock in the can to make getting chips easier!

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17. An egg carton can be used to cool down your computer.

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