17 people who had a flash of inspiration

We don't need to be an academic genius in order to come up with some brilliant ideas. Finding a way to finely slice hard butter doesn't need a degree, but is a real live-saver when it comes to enjoy your morning slice of toast. Your family will also thank you for it!

The internet is awash with useful life hacks that help us to deal with those little, niggly problems we encounter every day. They may not change the world as we know it, but they do calm us down... So, in honor of these awesome "inventions", we've put together a selection of ideas that we’re sure you’ll love!

1. How to make sure your ear pods never fall out

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2. Always losing your earrings? Attach them to your watch strap!

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3. A simple way to charge your phone using a wall socket 

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4. Because it's not a "cone of shame"

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5. Fill several watering cans at once

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6. One for women who want a safe place to hide their cash and cards

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7. It doesn't last long, but is great as an emergency fix!

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8. How to lounge in style

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9. They don't just work for stairs and doorways!

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10. Excellent idea if you're starting out on a fitness program

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11. Has your kid drawn on a wall? No problem, just transform it into a work of art!

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12. Turn your child into Harry Potter

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13. So your dog has its own balcony

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14. For girls who love The Little Mermaid

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15. Never lose a remote control again!

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16. Ever wondered what to do with all the seeds?

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17. How to discourge snacking!

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