17 people who messed up the only job they had

To err is human, even if sometimes it ends really badly. And these snaps are just the tip of the iceberg!

We all make mistakes, but for some people it just boils down to laziness. We've all come across fails that leave us wondering why someone couldn't be bothered to do a good job.

Here are 17 photos that illustrate how little some people care.

1. They decided to replace a wall socket before checking if the old one was wired up... It wasn't!

© angerybeaver / Reddit

2. An ex-pizza

© Tangerino28 / Reddit

3. Well done to the person who mounted this TV

© seekandspeaktruth / Reddit

4. How not to learn math

© Tesser623 / Reddit

5. Alternative use for a bucket

© luizzapped / Reddit

6. It may be a tedious job, but still...

© MikaB4 / Reddit

7. Was it too much to ask?

© PlayItCoolowski / Reddit

8. An inch makes all the difference

© sentorien / Reddit

9. Helpful directions

© longcx724 / Reddit

10. What they asked for vs what they got!

© ElectricKyodee / Reddit

11. How to not install drainpipes

© grimet0ke / Reddit

12. With green pepper on the side...

© Gaskinesque / Reddit

13. He asked for a "Christiano Ronaldo" haircut

© jopstick2904 / Reddit

14. At least this one arrived "flat"

© GoodWin03 / Pikabu

15. When someone gets their directions confused

© SDM2456 / Reddit

16. And it bangs the wall every time

© x313 / Reddit

17. When a tree surgeon leaves this behind

© Hotcoco2506 / Reddit