17 people who were bored and took creativity to a whole new level

Boredom is a curse that must be overcome. Some people go out for a run, play sports or an instrument, go to a concert, watch a sporting event, or go to a bar. This is all certainly understandable, and everyone does things their own way.

Others take advantage of these peaceful moments in their lives to think outside the box…to invent, create, or imagine. Great works of art are sometimes the result of someone who was bored. The same goes for things you just never thought you could create. There’s proof in the photos below.

1. It took some time to do, but it's impressive…

© Zaychig / Pikabu  

2. Behind this seemingly meaningless tattoo is a hidden message…

© Bekah Miles / Facebook  

3. When you’re a lumberjack and you like to be creative!

© dittidot / Reddit  

4. The rock formed the background of the painting...

© Citrous_Oyster / Reddit 

5. This is how towels are sometimes folded on cruise ships…

© Littleinfo / Wikipedia  

6. And suddenly you want to buy one!

© Otariano / Twitter  

7. I wonder if it’s comfortable?

© Slavavz / Pikabu  

8. The girl on the left might be offended…

© Broths / Reddit  

9. Be careful - this isn’t edible…

© Tary / Twitter  

10. A fish made of spare cables and gadgets

© kluben / Pikabu  

11. When you use your hairdressing skills on your sleeping sister…

© Ochi2822Ssr / Twitter  

12. This city has the best mowers in the world…

13. When creativity has no limits, not even a pan:

14. A portrait made with only socks

15. Dirt graffiti

16. It's kind of poetic and well thought out…

17. When you just saw Snow White with your kids