17 photos of coincidences that will make anyone rub their eyes and look again

Sometimes coincidences are so amazing that it feels like they’ve been staged. These pictures offer some colorful examples of what we’re talking about.

Some people have come across a perfect match with colors and shapes, and they took pictures of what they saw. Whether it happened with a sock and a rug, or some extravagant dye and a plastic cup, you have to see it to believe it!

Here are 17 photos showing some pretty amazing coincidences.

1. A sock and a rug made by the same company?

© ajcthefunksonme / Imgur

2. This would have been a very effective camouflage pattern…

© localshortperson / Reddit

3. Her water bottle matches her friend's sweater perfectly.

© thruball / Reddit

4. A perfectly balanced meal

© kingzkrew / Reddit

5. This outfit features all the colors of this public restroom.

© Leetahfaye / Reddit

6. Strange but true…

© yeahthatonedude / Reddit

7. No, this guy doesn’t work for the bus company, and yet ...

© JustCasper7 / Reddit

8. A notebook and leggings that go so well together…

© Michellehas2ls / Reddit

9. Nature is giving him a warm welcome.

© OopsIforgotausername / Reddit

10. Who could have imagined an identical design for the parking lot?

© Workswithkids / Reddit

11. This frog is being discreet.

© CallTheCavalry / Reddit

12. The bottle has the same order of colors as her hair…

© Rain-02 / Reddit

13. It's obvious that this car and the Switch controller belong to the same person.

© Sleepy_Venusaur / Reddit

14. The server didn’t realize that he had already put down his card to pay the bill.

© SirWellsy / Reddit

15. Colors with flair

© ArtNoobly / Reddit

16. This vitamin almost disappeared on the countertop.

© CapnFancyPants / Reddit

17. When your lip balm matches your outfit perfectly…

© Iand_o_Iakes / Reddit