17 photos that raise more questions than answers

How often have you been confused by a photo? Can you figure out the following selection?

Some photos posted on social media can really mess with our brains. Whether it's weird phenomena or strange behaviour, here are 17 photos that left us scratching our heads...

1. And we thought these were just for dogs

© nihilism1998/reddit

2. Magical card? Optical illusion? Any idea???

© IOnceTook3PushUps/reddit

3. Because everyone has their favorite Disney princess

© NekomiyaSaburou/reddit

4. Just obeying the sign

© iVannGarc/reddit

5. Try explaining this to your boss

© TexB22/reddit

6. Someone cut out his padlock so they could "steal" his locker

© Good_Is_Evil/reddit

7. Would you eat it?

© DeafLizardX28/reddit

8. One way to keep your hands clean!

© lightsnsirens4snacks/reddit

9. This is why you should always pay a pro to do your shower plumbing

© Winsthorne/reddit

10. Not sure this really helps...

© defecationism/reddit

11. Maybe it's a "protected" facade?

© Appropriate-Text-350/reddit

12. The most useless recycling bin on the planet

© thefreakychild/reddit

13. When someone changed it from 30 to 80

© TheofficialrealJayce/reddit

14. The kitchen staff get to eat the crusty part

© Boonshy/reddit

15. Someone had too many beers at lunch

© dchipp/reddit

16. How long before someone steals this?

© SilentMase/reddit

17. Was it too much to ask?

© blackXpony/reddit